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What The Heck are Low Content Books?

Low content books are books that are low on content. These are books like journals, planners, workbooks, puzzle books and children’s picture books. Normally, when you tell someone you are writing a book, they are picturing you spending months or maybe years writing a novel, then months editing that novel and then months marketing that novel. Well, I am not about to diss authors of novels. I totally hope to one day write a book like that of my own. But for now, I have found there is another way to put together books and I am actually making some money doing it. This is low content books. I make journals and planners and sell them on Amazon. You can also sell them on Lulu or sell digital low content books on your website, Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers or Shopify.

The great thing about low content books are they take a fraction of the time to put together. I have heard of people making over a hundred a day. Wow! The thing is, if you use templates (like the ones I sell!), they totally sped up the creation process and make it easier and faster to get your work out. And yeah, since you change them up and make then look uniquely your own, it is totally fine to start with a template. Just think of it as a canvas to get you started or a platform to build upon.

So why would people buy low content books? Why wouldn’t they??? 🙂 Seriously, have you seen how popular journals and planners are? They are totally the rage right now! Journals and planners help people get their lives organized, help them cope with things and just over all feel better. And best of all, the printed ones are consumable, so when the customer is done, they need to buy another one!

I’m not going to make false promises… Not everyone makes a ton of money in this business. Just like anything, you have to work at it and sometimes people get really lucky. But at the same time, since it doesn’t take long to produce a low content book, it isn’t a bad investment of time. Personally, I feel a bit better about spending and hour on a low content book that may or may not sell, then to spend 2 years writing a novel that may or may not sell. And like I said, you can get templates to speed up the process.

If you want to meet others who are selling low content books, people who are willing to help you get started, then please join my FaceBook group, Planner Creators.

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