Summer Activity Starter Pack

Summer Activity Starter Pack

Make your own activity books, coloring books, puzzle books or even mix with your journals and planners!
This activity pack is massive and you can mix and match the coloring backgrounds, lined art and puzzles to make truly unique activity books. Plus you get a walkthrough video showing you how to use the patterned backgrounds to fill the lined masks with a free software (using a Windows computer) so you can make even more creative activity books.
See some of the samples below from this huge activity pack…

Lined Art Masks and DFY Patterned Shapes-

Shaped Adult Mazes-

Square Adult Mazes and  Adult Sudoku-

Variety Sudoku, Picross and Nonograms-

Here is what you get-

60 Patterned Coloring Backgrounds in png- 4000px x 4000px
20 Kaleidoscope Coloring Backgrounds in png- 4000px x 4000px
43 Lined Art Masks in png 4000px x 4000px
40 Done-For-You Pattern Filled Coloring Shapes in png
94 Square Mazes in jpg and ppt Various Levels + Solutions
23 Different Shaped Mazes- 2 of each design- in jpg and ppt Various Levels + Solutions
16 Picross and Nonogram Puzzles + Solutions
80 Sudoku Puzzles- in jpg and ppt- Various Levels + Solutions
25 Sudoku Variations- 5 Each of 5 Different Styles- in jpg and ppt + Solutions

Plus Walk Through Video demonstrating how to use the patterned backgrounds to fill the lined art masks using free software!

All PowerPoint files are in 8 1/2 x 11 format.  The puzzles are jpgs, but the wording on the pages can be changed with PowerPoint.

Please note that this is a huge package with 13 files to download.  Please have the appropriate storage space to download it.


No Mess License!


You can leave the graphics and puzzles as is or edit.  You may sell your products with these graphics and puzzles on Etsy, your site, Amazon, LuLu, PODs or any other site that allows you to sell from.  You have commercial rights to sell products with these graphics and puzzles in a pdf or in printed products, but not the graphics or puzzles themselves.

You must sell your product for personal use only.  In other words, don’t use my graphics or puzzles to make PLR for others to use (even altered).  The product you sell must be a finished product for personal use in either pdf or printed form. There is no need for attribution with these graphics or puzzles. No extra fees to sell as many books as you want.  You can use any of the graphics or puzzles as many times as you want, and on as many different projects as you want.

What you can’t do:

Do not use my name or company name on them.

You may not sell or give away the graphics or puzzles as a graphic or unfinished, they need to be in a product. Don’t upload these graphics to stock or graphics sites.

The graphics and templates can’t be used in PLR or in templates sold or given away as PLR.


Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds.

Coupons need to be used at the time of purchase.

Please make sure you have the appropriate software before buying.  Pngs and jpgs can be used in most graphics programs.  This set also contains some PowerPoint files, but they are redundant of the jpg for convenience sake. These come in a zip file and it is a large download.  Please make sure you have storage room and bandwidth to download.

There are no physical products shipped to you.  They are downloadable files.  The pictured activity book is not included.

Please know how to use graphics files before you buy.

These do not come pre-sized so you are able to use them for the sizes you need.

Colors may vary due to being used on different computer monitors and printers.

There are no financial guarantees.  I cannot guarantee you will make money selling products made from these graphics.

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