Low Content Publishing Mastermind and Course- Publishing Homeschool Content

Low Content Publishing Mastermind and Course- Publishing Homeschool Content

Due to Covid-19, there will be a record number of children homeschooling this year. That means many new homeschooling parents will be buying a homeschool curriculum for their children. And many more will be buying supplemental workbooks to fill in the gaps that the strange “hybrid” schools will be doing. And that is not counting the printables that teachers will be buying to send home with their students as classes have to go into quarantine. Do you want a piece of the action?

Hi, I’m Lynn Webb and I am the teacher of the Low Content Publishing Mastermind and Course- Publishing Homeschool Content.

I am an 18-year veteran of homeschooling. I have taught preschool through Senior year. And before I taught my own children, I worked in childcare for more than a decade. I have had a popular, award-winning homeschool blog, designed homeschool printables that have been downloaded thousands of times. Most recently, I have been running a Low Content Publishing PLR business.

I would like to help you break into the homeschool market by helping you understand homeschoolers, showing you what type of products homeschoolers buy, and showing you how to make products for homeschoolers.

But you not only get the course, but you will also get access to me. Because this course is only offered on Facebook in a private group, I will be accessible if you have questions, you want more information or if you need help with something.

Here is what you will learn and get with the course:

Unit 1 (Welcome)


Unit 2 (About Homeschooling)

Why People Homeschool
Types of Products
Subjects and Types of Supplements
Homeschool Styles
Religious vs Secular

Unit 3 (Brainstorming/ Research)

Research Links (File)
Researching Scope and Sequence
Researching Homeschool Sites
Printable Research
Researching Rainbow Resource Site
Researching Public Domain Literature
Spelling Word Research
Educational Puzzle Research

Unit 4 (Creating Notebooking Pages)

Notebooking Research
Making Notebooking Pages
Adding Elements to Notebooking Pages

Unit 5 (Creating a Unit Study)

Theme Ideas (pdf file)
Creating a Unit Study

Unit 6 (Creating a Workbook and Worksheets)

Spelling Worksheets
Math Worksheets

Unit 7 (Other Worksheet Creation)

Creating Writing Worksheets
Creating Story Starters
Making a Map Activity

Unit 8 (Selling)


Unit 9 Bonus- Templates

Notebooking Pages Templates
Postcard Template
Copywork Template
Animal Fact Sheet
Story Starters
Notebooking Pages with Elements
Art Study and Poem Study Templates
Spelling Worksheets
Math Worksheets
Primary Paper
Map Activity Templates
Map Icons

Here is an example of the templates and materials that you will receive as part of this course:

Please note!  This class is on Facebook only.  You do need a Facebook account to access the course.

The only software that is required is PowerPoint.  Anything else is optional.


Once you buy this course, you will be taken to a pdf, please open this pdf immediately.  It has the instructions to get access to the course.  Please allow 48 hours to get access due to adding you to the Facebook group. 


Course and Mastermind only $67


Please note, there is no guarantee associated with this course and due to the nature of the materials, there are no refunds.



You can leave the graphics and puzzles as is or edit.  You may sell your products with these graphics and puzzles on Etsy, your site, Amazon, LuLu, PODs, or any other site that allows you to sell from.  You have commercial rights to sell products with these graphics and puzzles in a pdf or in printed products, but not the graphics or puzzles themselves.

You must sell your products for personal use only if using my templates.  In other words, don’t use my graphics or puzzles to make PLR for others to use (even altered).  If using my templates, the product you sell must be a finished product for personal use in either pdf or printed form. There is no need for attribution with these graphics or puzzles. No extra fees to sell as many books as you want.  You can use any of the graphics or puzzles as many times as you want, and on as many different projects as you want.

What you can’t do:

Do not use my name or company name on them.

You may not sell or give away the graphics or templates as a graphic or unfinished, they need to be in a product. Don’t upload these graphics to stock or graphics sites.

The graphics and templates can’t be used in PLR or in templates sold or given away as PLR.


Coupons need to be used at the time of purchase.

Please make sure you have the appropriate software before buying.  Pngs and jpg can be used in most graphics programs.  You will need PowerPoint or a similar program to follow along with the course.

There are no physical products shipped to you.  They are downloadable files.

Please know how to use graphics files before you buy.


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