Cozy Autumn Color Graphics

Cozy Autumn Color Graphics

Commercial use graphics that you can use without altering.

Here are some ways you can use these graphics:

Journal Covers

Planner Covers

Printable Wall Decor

Printable Stickers

Picture Book Graphics

Digital Planners (if used in digital stickers, the graphic must be modified and not able to be extracted)

POD (coffee mugs, tee-shirts, bibs, postcards, etc.)

Even PLR to sell (please read license)

What you get are 73 PNGs (300 dpi) graphics and 72 PNG (300 dpi) Digital Paper (4 designs in 2 sizes and 9 colors each.)


Price is $35 for all the graphics.

Small Business License for Graphics

Can do:

Using as the main design as is or modified on digital or printable material. This includes: Printed books (including journals, planners, activity books and other low content books), e-books, printable wall decor, printables, POD, in PLR (please see special note on plr), digital stickers (see special note), printable stickers (see special note) and digital planners. These can be sold at places like KDP, Lulu, Zazzle, CafePress, Etsy, Teacher Pay Teachers, or your own website.

However, you may not just sell or give away the graphics as is or modified without them being used in a product. All products must be sold for personal use except as indicted for plr (see special note).

Can’t do:

You may not transfer ownership of graphics. Only the purchaser is licensed to use graphics except where indicated above.
You can not sell the graphics as clipart.
You may not give away or sell any of the graphics on graphic sites (such as Creative Market, Creative Fabrica or others like them) even modified.
You may not give away or sell any of the graphics on stock sites or stock shops (such as Pixabay, iStock, BigStock, Vecteezy or others like them) even modified.

Special Notes:

PLR: You may use graphics in PLR as long as you require the buyer of the plr to sell with a personal use license only and a statement that the graphics may not be sold or given away unless used in a product and they can not be sold or given away on graphics or stock sites. Example: You sell a journal plr to customer one. You tell customer one, they have plr rights to change up journal and they must flatten it into thier journal to sell it to customer two. Customer two has no rights to use the graphic, they only enjoy it in the product they bought. The ”can’t do” restrictions still apply.

Digital Sticker: Digital stickers must be sold with a digital planner or digital journal or they need to be greatly modified, otherwise you are just reselling the graphics which is not allowed. You can use them in digital planner plr, but you must make sure that the restrictions are clear and your plr must also include the digital planner/ journal or they have been modified. Plus you must follow the special notes in the PLR section if selling as PLR. The ”can’t do” restrictions still apply.

Printable Stickers: You may use graphics as is or modified as printable stickers. They must be flattened in a pdf or jpg and grouped on the page with other graphics (either different or a repeat of the same graphic). They must be flattened so the orginal graphic can’t be extracted. If selling as PLR, they must be flattened into a new design and the rules of PLR must be observed. The ”can’t do” restrictions still apply.


Due to the nature of the product, there are no refunds.

Coupons need to be used at the time of purchase.

Please make sure you have the appropriate software before buying. Pngs can be used in most graphics programs. These come in a zip file. And are downloaded off Dropbox. The files are large!

Colors may vary due to monitors and printers.

There are no physical products shipped to you. They are downloadable files.

Please know how to use graphics files before you buy.

There are no financial guarantees. I cannot guarantee you will make money selling products made from these graphics.

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