Planner Creators PLR Bonus Page

Please read the instructions below.

As always, to get a bonus, you must buy the product through my link. Also, if you buy upsells of a product that is marked as having a bonus, you may also pick out a bonus for the upsell.


1.   Email me at  Use the words, “Bonus Request” in the subject.

Include in email:

Title of which bonus product you want.

Your receipt from the product you ordered through my link.

2. If you bought more than one product through my links, please send one email with the multiple bonus requests and include all the receipts of all the products that you ordered.  This will reduce the risk of your request getting lost. In other words, if you order plr 1, 2 and 3, then put all 3 receipts in the email request and include the bonus titles for all 3 bonuses that you want.

3. If you don’t hear back from me in 24 hours (unless it is the weekend or holiday), then please email me again.  If it is the weekend or holiday, please give me 72 hours before emailing me again.

I reserve the right to change the selection of bonus products at any time.  If you are really wanting something, do not wait too long to get it.  If they are not shown on this page, it is no longer available. I also reserve the right to repost them at a later time. So always make sure you don’t already have a bonus product before you order it. I am not able to track which bonuses you have. Due to the nature of the product, I am unable to exchange bonuses once they have been sent.


These may be used for commercial purposes.  They must be sold for personal use only.  They must be flattened into a pdf or in printed form.

They may be used in books or printables and be sold on Amazon, Etsy, Lulu, Inspired Fun, Teachers Pay Teachers, your own website.

You may not sell or give away these items in stock shops, graphic sites, public domain sites, freebie sites, ect. You may not sell or give them away any place that offers a commercial license.

These items are given to you as is.  All effort has been made for them to be correct. I do not give any guarantees in use of these products.