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Low Content Resources Bundle

I am so excited about the new Low Content Resources Bundle Sale! As far as I know, this is the first for just low content resources. Yes, I have a template pack in the bundle! 🙂 And several of my colleagues and friends have also contributed to the bundle.

So, this is how the bundle works… you buy the bundle for one low price and then you have access to all of the products and resources that have been contributed to the bundle. It really is an awesome deal! It is important for low content publishing professionals to have lots of content to publish. Unfortunately, that can take time. That is where we come in, companies like mine. We make it easier and faster for you to put together the low content products that you want to sell.

The bundle is now live! It is available until February 3, 2019, then it is gone. You can see what all is in it at: Low Content Resources Bundle Sale

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