Huw’s Fairy Bonus Page

Hello!  Welcome to the bonus for Huw’s Dress Your Fairies package. Here is a sample of what all you will receive if you buy the front end offer through my link:

Here is what you get:


30 DFY Mermaids
5 Mermaid Shirts for DIY
10 Mermaid Tails for DIY
1 Trident
12 Sea Creatures
10 Under the Sea Backgrounds
11 Under the Sea Decorations to Mix & Match on Backgrounds
50 Fish Mazes
50 Starfish Mazes
50 Turtle Mazes
250 Sea Creature Sudoku

And to go along with the fairies (can’t forget them!):

50 Acorn Mazes
50 Mushroom Mazes
50 Snail Mazes
150 Woodland Themed Picture Sudoku
5 Woodland Animal Word Searches